NFMusger 23SL 850

Item No.: NFMusger23SL850
This large scale glider measures no less than 850 cm from tip to tip (more than scale 1:2) but is still well under 25 kg.

The fuselage and wings are completely covered with 0.8mm plywood (pre-cut) and the fuselage and wings are snaplock constructed.

With many meters of plywood (poplar, birch, aircraft plywood), this model needs many hours before it is cut, so it is not ready in a day after ordering.

The canopy is also large and is produced elsewhere, so this part is not always in stock, as are the other prefab parts such as the fin cover, nose cap, etc.

For now you can order this kit as preorder, we are finialize the files and hardware and think the production will start end 2023 or early 2024.

  0  Items, no physical stock!! models will be cut after ordering. (average 1 to 4 weeks production time)

The Musger 23SL is an Austrian glider that was produced approximately 26 times between 1955 and 1965 as the Musger 23 (prototypes) and 23SL (the production models).

This shoulder decker was known for its good thermal properties and good-natured flying behavior.

Around 2010, about 14 were still known to be airworthy, 10 of which were in Europe.

Just like the original, our model is also made of wood and can be covered with oratex, Scalecover or similar 'linne look' covering material.

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NFMusger 23SL 850

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