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Foxbat retro look (electric) glider, when do you come down?

  5  Items, no physical stock!! models will be cut after ordering. (average 1 to 4 weeks production time)

The Foxbat design comes from Pete's youth. Yes at a very young age Pete was designing models.

The Foxbat was designed originally in 1979 where it was campaigned on the competition circuit.

It’s classic aspect ratio coupled with light wing loading makes it a wonderful Sailplane to fly.

The kit is a fully authentic version of the original design, no compromise has been made to ensure its classic retro shape.

If your into nostalgic competition you can’t look past the Foxbat. It’s very competitive with several National championships against its name.

Super easy to build and can be flown as a electric or pure Sailplane.

Although the Foxbat has a large wingspan, the wing disassembles into 3 or 4 pieces allowing it to fit in most vehicles with ease.

Kit includes all laser cut wood parts, all wood stock and skins for wings. Also included is a full size plan, electric motor install components and basic hardware for completion.

Wingspan: 3.6m, 143"

Length: 1565mm, 61.5"

Weight: 1.6g, 54oz

Airfoil: E193

3 ch: Rudder, Elevator, Spoiler

Electric option included

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PG Foxbat

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