Because we cut every model AFTER order, each model applies as a custom specific article and this article can basically NOT be returned.

Exceptions to this are subject to our courtesy, but this is only if we agree fully and subject to conditions.

In our own kits we add basically always the laser cut wood for the model, required spars, sheeting (according to the way we have processed it sufficiently, in case error or inexpert cut many residues left we can not do anything about it).

We cut licensing models according to the specifications as given by the supplier, so if those parts do not seem to be pre-lasered, it is not up to us to adjust (and we are not allowed to do so officially).

Other parts will be added according to the list that we get from supplier, this means that we can never be held responsible for a dispute or something that does or does not belong in the kit.

In case we do something extra in the kit, this is also mentioned in the description.

We work with wood products, so a difference in thickness of a few tenths of a mm is possible. A perfect fit can therefore never be 100% guaranteed.

Our Laser cuts very tightly but also this removed depending on material 0,05 to 0,2mm material, add these differences in the plan is not always possible.

Delivery times with us are usually short but it sometimes happens that there is a waiting time or we are waiting for parts / equipment. This can not be a reason to cancel the order, in exceptional cases it can take up to 2 months before we have certain items in stock again after ordering so delivery will take longer.

We try to get clean plywood without knobs, however this is rather scarce, so we always try to use the clean wood for the kits and if possible to cut around the knobs.

Edges are usually light brown and can almost always be glued directly, except for aircraft plywood (because of the hardness and glue burning), Ceiba (slightly brown and lighter in weight than poplar plywood) and thick balsa.

The tip we give, pull the finger over the edge, when there is a black stripe on the finger visible than sand it after smooth, when there is no visible stripe than glue directly.