About us

RC-Europe is an online manufacturer of Lasercut RC planes and online shop for everything arount these models with over 44 year experience in RC flying (planes).

Started and as CEO Sebastiaan van Buiten with a team of flex pilots, builders, sparring partners and when really needed some cutting help I made from passion my profession.

Meanwhile daughter Veronique is also besides her college study working in the company for cutting, order and sale and she is also teampilot.

For Helicopters, Boats and Cars we forward you to other modelshops with their experience and stock.

Our main focus is RC planes from small to big scale because of the experience and possible way to help people with it.

We use and deliver parts for our models from Aeronaut, D-Power, PowerHD, own import and more and cooperate with a few colleagues to serve you as customer for motors, electronics, etc.

Our kits development comes from own design, Bart Lammerse, peter Goldsmith, Horacio Levit, Jerry Bates, AerodromeRC,  a part of the models from Norbert Fisher and more.

These people are NOT direct working in our company or involved in any way with our company so have nothing to do with planning, organisation, pricing, cutting, etc. so please do NOT contact them for this.

We also can make on demand with our Lasermachine and router (not to much due our spare time) custom projects (longer delivery time) like Huckepack installations, startboxes, modelsupport, engine mounts, replacement wings, etc.

Another part of our options are canopy's ABS cowls, servo decks, etc. with Vacuum machine up to approx 50x35cm. Also fiber parts custom forming is possible.

Our portofolio is larger than on our site because we still have many models ready drawn but not yet ready protobuild, plans ready, building manual ready, etc. so these are not yet added on our site.

Also you can visit us on several events like Prowing, Segelflugmesse  and more if we have a booth there (not every year), but also on some flying events in Europe.