Proud to announce that Svenson© is back, old brand from Belgium with old models but partly in new jacket and building system. Modles like Vicomte, Wayfarer, Westerly, Duke, Prima, etc will soon be available again.

We have pritty exclusive clearance from Leon Janssens due copyrights to bring the models on the market again, this will be with old plans which will be digitalised and changed for the new lasercut technics

The models are developed in a combination of older and more modern construction techniques, some construction experience is desirable.

Among other things, for the landing gear or Turrets/Baldachinen, which in some models still needs to be bent yourself (template and material included) or pre-bent but not soldered yet.

Certain outdated systems such as a hull built from only slats have been adapted by us to a system that can be laser cut and still looks like vintage/retro.

Due to laser cutting, balsa planks from 5 to 6 mm or plywood of 4 mm (aircraft plywood from 2 mm) will usually have a slight burned side due to the cutting process of the laser, we can do only little about this, our goal is to cut with as little energy as possible to To prevent this, unfortunately it cannot be ruled out.

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Product 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Result:1