NFPiper PA18 3.9

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Very nice and well thought out kit of the Piper PA18 We now have this model designed by Norbert Fischer exclusively in our range and is supplied complete with all hardware.

The interior for this will soon also be available as a package so that it can be completely upgraded with seats, dashboard, levers, etc.

Available from: 15-04-2024
  0  Items, no physical stock!! models will be cut after ordering. (average 1 to 4 weeks production time)

The Piper PA18 is a beautiful 3D model drawn by Norbert Fischer, also known for our Christen Eagle, Pitts Challenger III and more models soon.

This model has the well-known snaplock system, making it simple, straight and like a puzzle to build for the average builder.

Supplied complete with all Laser parts, girders, stringers, planking and hardware as standard Landing gear, engine cover, windows, etc. are included.

Scale landing gear can be ordered optionally soon, as well as the soon available partly 3D printed interior and accessories.

Wingspan; 390cm

Length; 251cm

Weight; around 19~20 Kilo

Engine; 100~150cc

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NFPiper PA18 3.9

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