Floaty 1.5

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Floaty, a perfect model without real fuselage for slope, dunes, thermal, mini combat, bungee or just relaxed flying at your club or holidays.

This model has splittable wings, a short fuse mainly between the wings for electronics and the (not a must) electric motor size 28mm.

  8  Items, no physical stock!! models will be cut after ordering. (average 1 to 4 weeks production time)

The Floaty 1.5 is according to the name a flying wing which is constructed light but well designed with a wingspan of 1,5 meter.

This model is suitable for the intermediate builder and pilot (used as second or thirth model already) but also for people with much experience very interesting because of performance and wide flight range (slow, fast, short turning, electric, glider, many own design options, etc.

All carbon tubes, fiber rods, alloy/brass tubes, lasercut wood and spars are addes, also the magnets for winglock and topdeck and a 1:1 building plan with both wings added.

The wingtips are on several different versions to build, big winglets, smaller winglets, with or without rudders for steering or brakes and pointed tips. Elevator is combined with aileron but can also be seperated halfway for splitted control and landing brakes.

Not in the carton are electronics, glue, steering cables (when more than 2 servo control), covering and materials for own design parts.

Wingspan; 137~155 cm

Length; 60 cm

Servo's 2, 4 or 6 (elevator/aileron mixed, elevator/aileron seperated, rudder/brakes optional).

Weight glider 500~600 gram

Weight electric 650~850 gram

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Floaty 1.5

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