Euro Stick 2250

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We got our version of the famous Stick in our assortment, which is delivered by several manufacturers or home builders in many different type's.

We gor our version in little different but very easy to build slotted model with splitted wing on sides of the fuzelage, tail easy to take off, good size to transport and storage, etc.

The 225cm wingspan model is very well for towing, dropping, acro or as stepup for flying bigger models.

  9  Items, no physical stock!! models will be cut after ordering. (average 1 to 4 weeks production time)

The EuroStick is a model very capable for towing from 30 to 50cc engine.

The model is typical shoulderdecker, but our wings are designed with an alloy tube and added to the side of the fuze which gives stronger model than the wings above the fuze and added with screws.

Wingspan 225cm (2 wings of each around 106cm)

Elevator slotted with 2 screws, fuze around 150cm

Weight 5000 to 7500 gram (depends on setup and way of building.

Engine 25~40cc or similar electric setup.

We deliver the kit with all wooden parts added (lasercutted parts, sheets and stringers), outer wingtube (for 20mm tube from Petruach, carbon or alloy) and slotted webbing.

Hinges, steering rods, tube, landinggear and wheels, screws, electronic, covering film, etc. need to be bought separate.

Pictures are partly from prototype and some are NOT our model, meanwhile the model has gotten much improvement.

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Euro Stick 2250

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