Nieuport 17bis 1/8th scale N187

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Nieuport 17bis was produced in big numbers by various factories in France Russia and Itali.

  • One piece construction with scale fuselage and tail shapes
  • Top and bottom wing alignment is built into design
  • Scale dihedral, includes in wing aileron servos
  • Scale fuselage built from formers and stringers
  • Front of the fuselage is balsa box, the rear is built up with top and bottom formers, stringers
  • Built up cowl
  • Scale number of ribs and subribs
  • 1/32" plywood trailing edges
  • Carbon tube leading edges and 1/8" diameter carbon rod spars in scale location
  • Under cambered airfoil
  • Dummy bell crank mechanically operated by in wing servos (Optional feature)
  • Dummy motor with electric motor mount
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Scale 1/8

40" (102cm) span

Weight 0.9kg

Construction Balsa en plywood.

Power: AXI 2217/20 direct drive brushless outrunner 12*6 prop

374 lasercut wood parts (no hardware: hinges rudderhorns etc)

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Nieuport 17bis 1/8th scale N187

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