RC-Europe and your Privacy according to the new GDPR 2018

RC-Europe Respects the privacy of all users at this site and takes care that all personal information given to us will be securely used according to the rules. We will only use your data for getting orders to you as fast as we can and only for communication over your orders. RC-Europe will NEVER sell data to other companies or persons and only give it to relations needed to deliver your parcel or do administration. For this we have a separate agreement with those companies for use of the given data, even those are not allowed to forward it without our permission and never may sell it.

RC-Europe will only use your data for following services:

If you place an order, we need your name, adress, mailadress and bank/payment info to get on with your order and keep you informed about the status.

To make it comfortable for you shopping with us we store your data at a secured server in your account, with this you can look back at your orders, place more easy new orders and do requests about your orders. We also can personalise the website (with help of coocies also, which you can also denie) for you but it is certainly NOT a must to accept cookies or log in all the time.

After registration you can always give us a call, mail or go to the login page to delete your info, only after an order we are held by government tostore your data several years in our administration, but when we are allowed to destroy those info, we will do it.

Use of the site and with help of cookies we will continue develop the website for more friendly use and make it much more easy for you to return.

RC-Europe again will NEVER sell your data, our staff is held on the agreement for secure trusted work with the data and the computers will always be updated with newest firewalls and virusscanners.

RC-Europe has all outgoing data and the webiste secured with :Secure Socket Layer.

Cookiesare small parts of information added on your computer to make the site more personal, fill automatically in forms when returning and helps you and us with the website and information, you are always allowed to stop cookies, delete the cookies page on your computer or change settings in your webbrowser.
If you need our latest Privacy Policy, please check the website for the latest version, a paper version is also available on request.