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The Batwing is a modern flying wing concept with real good flight performance and in nearly full wood construction.

This model has some features who may be called 'feature is here' in RC models.

Developed by Christian Vogel from Vogel-Fly has this model an unnique self designed wing profile.

For ordering of the BATwing, please contact us, because this model has not standard but lower shipping costs.

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The glider is nearly complete wood construction (only the innerside where the electronics is and the winglock is fiber) and nearly everything is lasercutted.

A perfect fitting of everything makes it a durable and easy to build model where you can fly long term with, also suitable for holidays because of small fittings.

Soon we have also a motor mount available.

Wingspan:                      1262 mm
Wingarea                        30,02 dm²
Angle of leading edge  30° at front.
Wingload      starts at    20 g/dm²
Flying weight starts at   600 g
Profile:                             ca. 8 Procent own development

Additional Information

Video from the BATwing; https://youtu.be/7_-j8GRjDkg

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