Olympia 2B 1/3

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EON Olympia 2B oldtimer glider in 1/3 scale.

Beautifull scale glider of the model designed in 1939 by Hans Jacobs, who was also responsible for the models such as Kranich, Weihe and Habicht.

This model was the standard glider for the 1940 summer olympics (that is what he got his name from) but because of WW2 the games were cancelled.

  4  Items, no physical stock!! models will be cut after ordering.

The Olympia is a glider of about 500 cm wingspan which is designed very smart like a puzzle. It is a very light but strocg construction.

This model can be towd by an average towing plane, flies very well on slope, thermal and basic aerobatics.

In the kit are spoilers (double like by the original) alreay cut out, so you can land very effective on short fiels.

For this model you don't need extreme servo's, ailerons, spoilers, rudder and elevator need 6 pieces, towhook 1 standard servo,

Each wing is about 242 cm long and fuselage is 220 without rudder (easy lockable) or 250 cm with rudder. We are working on a splittable fuzelage.

Flying weight of about 8 or 9 kilo is good possible.

All wood for building including all spars, wingtube, canopy, etc is complete in the kit.

You need glue, covering film, steering cables (moast nice is closed loop where possible), ruderhorns and some small other parts.

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Olympia 2B 1/3

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