Kaiser Ka3 1:2,5 4M

Item No.: KaiserKa34M

Proud are we at our Scale mdoel of the Rudolph Kaiser Ka3 scale 1:2,5

Model is designed with a copy of the original plan from the family Kaiser.

After the introduction at Prowing and the perfect flight tests the model is now available.

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The Ka3 is a beautifull scaleglider with 4 meter wingspan, a V tail and complete constructed of much lasercut wood.

The model is not for complete beginners in building or flying but with little experience and help you can make it a marvelous model.

The tailparts are detachable, wings light but scale and strong designed and the fuze is covered with wood on front as the original model.

Wingspan is 400cm

Length is 220cm

Weight around 8 to 9 Kilogram (also nessesary for the wingload).

Channels needed 5, servo's needed 7 (or 9 with double aileron steering each rudder) 

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