Ka6 scale glider 1:2,5

Item No.: KA6125segler

!!!Because we have meanwhile copies of the original Ka6 our glider will get a full update to scale, therefore the model is temporary not available, contact us for delivery time!!!

The Kaiser (Schleiger) Ka6 is a model which is developed in the 50's and where over 1000 pices are build.

We have this kit as 6 meter wingspan (1:2,5) model in our assortment, also full wood and therefore many scaledetails can be build in to make it a marvelous glider.

Because of the size and the flightview old times return, and thanks to the modern profile the glider flies perfect in thermal and slope.

  4  Items, no physical stock!! models will be cut after ordering.

We deliver the Ka6 as complete lasercut woodkit with many parts, canopy, spars, sheetings and  clear building sheets added.

What is not in the kit are steering cables, ruderhorns, towhook, etc because these parts are often to specific by the builders, so we do ot want to force them to use "our system".

Wingspan is 6 meter (1:2,5)

Length is 267cm

Weight 11 to 15Kg

Building is pritty simple because the slotted system and wings can be build in 2 parts when wanted (needs few extra parts).

Optional we can also lower the kitprice a litte by getting the wingspars out of the carton, wingspars in 1 piece can be made self or got on several locations in about 270 or 330cm length.

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