Baron 2000

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Based on the Fokker E3 and the Vicomte from Svensson (80's and 90's) we developed a model in WW1 look a like but with the modern technics and performance.

This model is the middle one of 3 (160cm, 200cm, 240cm wingspan)


  5  Items, no physical stock!! models will be cut after ordering.

This model has a wingspan of 200 cm and with the detachable wings of about 75cm easy to store.

The needed engine is 5 to 10ccm or electric 4S or 5S setup

Eventually the tailsection can be seperated during the building so the model will be even more simple to store or take to the airfield.

The design is for beginner and intermediate very easy to build and building time is not to long.

You can order the wing WITH flaps added or without flaps (more WW1 feeling).

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Baron 2000

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