Avia B 135

The Avia B 135 is a Tsjechosowakish model from end of the 30's of last century.

We sell this model with wingspan of 240cm what gives it a scale of about 1:3,5

 3 Items, no physical stock!! models will be cut after ordering.

Developed for 40 to 70ccm engines or similar Nitro or electric setup is this model flyable for intermediate or advanced pilots.

Because of the building construction the model can be build by any beginning RC builder with little help of an experienced builder.

The slotted building system prevensts most of the failures during building and assists the buildier to build the model well.

Because of the flap system the Avia can fly on quite small area's and can land on a pritty short way.

Wingspan 240cm

Length 195cm

Weight 10~13 kilogram

Engine 40~70cc

We deliver the model as complete wood kit which means all lasercut parts, sheetings, spars, etc.

We do NOT deliver steering cables, ruderhorns, hinges, screws, etc. in the kit, also not the landing gear or so.

The canopy and motorcowl are not yet ready, but when they are ready they can be bought for 50 Euro together.

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