ASK18 1-25 Scale glider

Item No.: ASK18125M

!!!Because we have meanwhile copies of the original ASK18 our glider will get a full update to scale, therefore the model is temporary not available, contact us for delivery time!!!

The ASK18 is a scaleglider from the 50's/60's and completely wood construction.

Our 6,40 meter wingspan (1:2,5) scalemodel is similar to original construction and formers, ribs, etc are all on 'similar scale place'.

You can make beautifull full scale model of it and it will be a beauty to fly.

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The ASK18 is a marvelous glider that gives you plenty of build and flying pleasure and at events get many good views.

With it's wingspan of 640cm, the model is little larger than the Ka6 in our program (both are scale 1:2,5), but these wings are 3 ribs extra each side.

At present the ASK18 is still often in use at flightclubs for solo lessons and recreational flights because of present acceptable flight specs.

The fuze is build up as 2 half fuze parts and than glued together, this gives strong and stable fuze, wing is 1 or 2 parts, elevator demontable and whole model is build with slots for simple building.

There are internal some improved torque spars added to make the fuse approx double stiff compared to V1.

The wingspan is 640cm,

Fuze is 240cm length total (rudder can be taken off if nessesary)

Weight approx 10 to 15 Kg, depending on covering, setup or electric.

Spoilers are in the kit as wooden spoilers double system (above and below the wing).

Our V2 gets a moderner wingprofile for thermal and slope.

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